New Release of Essence#: Ark-3 (Alpha build 6)

The Ark-3 release provides fixes for bugs and for increased stability and robustness. It also includes preliminary work towards a complete set of Collection classes, including integration with native .net collections.

The new release can be downloaded from the Essence# CodePlex site.

Here are some examples of code that now works (where ‘=>’ means ‘evaluates to’):

#(‘123456789’ ‘abcdefghi’ ‘onetwosix’) collect: [:each | each copyMovingFrom: 4 to: 6 by: 3]
    =>  #(‘123789456’ ‘abcghidef’ ‘onesixtwo’)

#(3 5 8) contains: [:n | n ** 2 > 50]
    => True

| list |
list := OrderedCollection new.
list add: ‘one’; add: ‘deux’; add: ‘tres’; add: ‘chetyry’; add: ‘funf’.
(list select: [:each | each size > 4]) at: 1
    => ‘chetyry’


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