New Release of Essence#: Lot-2 (Alpha Build 8)

The Lot-2 release further completes the goal of giving Essence# a complete and comprehensive Collection library.

All collections can now be compared with other collections for equality, and arrays of primitive types–such as Strings and Symbols–can be compared as magnitudes (less than, greater than, etc.) Essence# collections can be compared with instances of CLR collection types–even in cases where the CLR collections lack any such functionality. Also, Essence# objects contained by CLR collections will compare to other objects–and compute their onw hash codes–as that behavior is defined by their Essence# class, even when the containing collection has no knowledge of Essence# and is not using the DLR (e.g., isn’t using the type Dynamic in the case of C#.)

And as always, any bugs found since the previous release have been fixed.

The Lot-2 release can be downloaded from the Essence# CodePlex site.


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