New Release Of Essence#: Nile-1 (Alpha Build 21)

The Nile-1 release fixes bugs and improves and/or corrects internal documentation.

There are no new features. However, extensive updates have been made to the documentation section of the Essence# CodePlex site.

Download Nile-1 (Alpha Build 21)

To download the latest release, navigate to the DOWNLOADS page on CodePlex. There’s a download link in the upper left corner of the DOWNLOADS page, labeled Essence#_Nile-1_Setup.exe. Using it will get you a program that will install the Nile-1 release of Essence# to any location you choose on your computer. Please see the documentation page on the CodePlex site for more information on how to use Essence#, such as the installation instructions and instructions on how to run scripts written in Essence#.

The Nile-1 release includes a few bug fixes to the Essence# Standard Library–which will be installed by the installer program attached to the release, or which may be obtained separately from GitHub.

Neither the example scripts nor the utility scripts that aid in developing Essence# code have been changed in this release. And no new scripts were added. However, the existing scripts have now been documented

Final note: If you have a version of Essence# prior to Alpha Build 17 (Philemon) and have also written your own Essence# code using that release that you would like to keep using with this release, then please be sure to also read the release notes for Alpha Build 17. There have been significant changes to the format of the Essence#Standard Library => Philemon (Alpha Build 17).


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