New Release of Essence Sharp: Nīsān-2 (Alpha Build 23)

The Nīsān-2 release contains only bug fixes and internal improvements.

Download Nīsān-2 (Alpha Build 23)

To download the latest release, navigate to the DOWNLOADS page on CodePlex. There’s a download link in the upper left corner of the DOWNLOADS page, labeled Essence#_Nisan-2_Setup.exe. Using it will get you a program that will install the Nīsān-2 release of Essence# to any location you choose on your computer. Please see the documentation page on the CodePlex site for more information on how to use Essence#, such as the installation instructions and instructions on how to run scripts written in Essence#.

The Nīsān-2 release makes no changes or additions to the Essence# Standard Library. The Essence# Standard Library will be installed by the installer program attached to this release. It may also be obtained separately fromGitHub.

None of the utility scripts that aid in developing Essence# code were changed in this release. For more information on the scripts, please see the documentation.

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