New Release of Essence#: Omega-1 (Alpha Build 24)

The Omega-1 release contains bug fixes and internal improvements, and also includes preliminary support for networking using sockets. There will be a series of “Omega-N” releases, all of which will focus on implementing whatever is necessary in order to fully conform to the ANSI Smalltalk standard.

The name “Omega” is a reference to “the Alpha and the Omega,” because the builds in the Omega release series will be the final set of builds before the project status is promoted to Beta.

Download Omega-1 (Alpha Build 24)

To download the latest release, navigate to the DOWNLOADS page on CodePlex. There’s a download link in the upper left corner of the DOWNLOADS page, labeled Essence#_Omega-1_Setup.exe. Using it will get you a program that will install the Omega-1 release of Essence# to any location you choose on your computer. Please see the documentation page on the CodePlex site for more information on how to use Essence#, such as the installation instructions and instructions on how to run scripts written in Essence#.

The Omega-1 release adds classes to the Essence# Standard Library that represent the fundamental classes in the .Net Base Class Library for sending and receiving data over the IP protocol.  The Essence# Standard Library will be installed by the installer program attached to this release. It may also be obtained separately fromGitHub.

None of the utility scripts that aid in developing Essence# code were changed in this release. For more information on the scripts, please see the documentation.